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Tired of the same old played out designs, duplicated by billion dollar companies that charge an arm and leg for thier products?! WE WERE TOO!! That’s when we teamed up with vendors and local artists which allow us to offer the most exclusive artwork on premium, breathable, water resistant fabric. Our team is excited to finally announce the launch of True Grit Zone Mid-Summer 2020!! A local JACKSONVILLE business that wants to see you indulge in the outdoor lifestyle with comfortable custom apparel and accessories TO ensure you are prepared for any journey! Your presence, is our present!! We firmly believe it takes THREADS across the multitude of demographics, woven together in order to create our fabric of life. Day at the beach? impromptu bike ride? We have the accessories, necessities, and the fun things that lie between. Assisting our neighbors’ outdoor lifestyles, through offering items in which express themselves confidently and comfortably. this is our soul mission.

I - writing this am Rayne, and I am the founder and creator of True Grit Zone.

This shop was opened after running into closing doors and creating our own opportunity.

As many dear friends and family are aware, I started playing sports when I was a little one. I started running before I could walk, and AS soon as I learned how to use these legs, I was running in the yard and kicking around any ball available. I dreamed to play soccer for the rest of my life.

I use to train day in and day out to be the best on any team I played for. Growing up I was normally on about 3 teams a year by Middle School. I would play for both the school and county league (Spring League, School and Fall League). They use to have sign-ups in the Winn-Dixie/Eckerds parking lot. I loved to go up to that table as a kid and ask “How many kids signed up this year??”. Our town had nearly a population of 1,000 residents in 2000 and I was always so intrigued to watch soccer grow in my little town (since being considered the “sissy” sport 🙄)and always wanted to be a part of it. Sports was the one place I shined in. It got me out of my bubble and I was introduced to people I wouldn’t have ever met without playing. I remember growing up, about 7 or 8 years old I went to that table which I had frequented many times and asked again, “how many kids have signed up this year??” with such enthusiasm, and as I received the answer, I remember them looking to my father and saying “Kevin, where’s her name at, we didn’t see it on the roster?”. I remember feeling confused and a little heartbroken- it must’ve been written on my face, because their next sentence was “Don’t worry we’ve already placed her name on the list, we were just waiting..”

Later that evening I had a conversation about how hard times were, and how many times that I had played on teams was because other things were sacrificed. By all means I did not grow up “rich”. I did however grow up in a community that cared about keeping kids in sports and out of shenanigans as much as possible. I will forever admire those who looked out for me during the many years my father and I struggled in order to make sure I still had somewhere to feel like a kid, a place where I could imagine being successful, a place where I was more then my situation. Soccer, softball, basketball, and becoming an athlete became everything I cared about in the world.

By the time I was 10-11 years old I started Middle School. Which meant practices were directly after school. My father was so busy trying to make ends meet that he rarely ever noticed what time I got home. In 6th grade I started walking the 4+ miles down the railroad tracks after soccer practice. I would pick up a spike that had been thrown off of the track as protection, and jump into the woods anytime a train was passing to not get caught for “Trespassing”. I wasn’t a fan of breaking the rules, it was just the fastest way home and I wanted to be on the team so badly that walking down the tracks and hiding in the woods every now and then was worth the playing time. One day as I started walking down the tracks my PE teacher Coach Crisp pulled up and asked what I was doing. From there on out while I attended Middle School either her or Coach Dempsey drove me home. I will NEVER forget their kindness, and I’m sure they’ll never understand how much those 15 minutes after practice meant to me.

Again I would train, and this time harder as the competition grows. Day in and day out pushing away exhaustion to become the Captain/Co-Captain of the teams I was on. The rush of being active and playing sports coursed through these veins just as regular blood cells.

As many also know I am accident prone, and this does not come without life changing events.

In 2009 I was involved in a roll over car accident, in which the car at fault ran a Stop sign and T-Boned me. My Ford Explorer rolled 3 times down an incline and as I remember every moment of that accident as if it were yesterday, I wasn’t prepared for the trajectory my life had just taken. The accident had happened so close to the college I was attending at the time that one of the schools administrators was walking down the sidewalk from her lunch break and witnessed the accident. As I unwrapped myself from the steering wheel, crawled through the glass and out of the drivers’ side window, I remember hearing someone scream “THERE’S A KID IN THE OTHER CAR!”. I ran as quickly as I could to the other car to make sure the child was okay. Once I was informed and saw the kid in the front seat without a scratch, my adrenaline must’ve started wearing off because I collapsed to the ground. Shortly after I collapsed, the administrator had already started running to me, she told me to put my arms around her neck and she carried me to the closest tree and held me until the paramedics arrived. I would not understand the full extent of my injuries for a few months, although the following week I had to drop out of college because of no longer being physically capable of performing my duties. I was 18 and unfortunately hired an attorney who ended up being more of an “ambulance chaser” then a lawyer. After 2-3 years of litigation, I left that accident with lifelong injuries and barely enough money to get another vehicle in order to start over.

GOOD NEWS! I was able to go through rehab and although I was not 100% physically able to play, I was able to coach. I have coached over 300 kids in about 35 different schools, and assisted Calhoun County YMCA with building their soccer fields (3 different sizes), writing 10 weeks of curriculums for 3 different age groups, trained referees..etc. (and at least one scholarship for Jose Gonzalez <- so proud of you man #WARRIOR) Being active had forever been a passion of mine, and more then just being personally active I have always felt moved to help others get in the game. As I am sure soccer saved me in many ways, others are needing that similar kind of outlet.

I had not lived in Jacksonville Beach for too long in 2016 until BAM, another hit from life. This time I was driving down A1A towards Ponte Vedra. A driver had pulled out of the Target parking lot, realized he went the wrong way and instead of waiting for the next intersection, he made a U-Turn in the middle of the road trying to get back to the light. Needless to say, he advised the officer he never saw my vehicle and had ended up crashing into me head on, totaled my car and from there I was transported to the hospital. Once again I was in another lawsuit, but because the injuries in this case were worse (ended up in a back brace for a year), I was told I could not play sports because of hurting myself and my case. I ended up taking up a job for a collection agency and was working in an office for the first time in my life.

Throughout the years I worked there, my coworkers saw me in a plethora of medical equipment, between the back brace and having 2 rotator cuff surgeries within the same year on the SAME shoulder. The doctors also tried to do surgery on my back from the 3 bulging discs, but I was too afraid to have a knife go anywhere near my spine. I know what kind of pain I endure now, but I would hate to chance the complexity of a back surgery going wrong.

Since I was unable to be as active as my heart wanted to, I had to fill that void. In that emptiness, I found a hobby that intrigued me unlike any other since competing, coding. I became so interested with building things on the internet that others could use, that it brought back a sense of accomplishment. I started to take different IT courses and began speaking to my friends in a whole new techy language. I indulged in learning something new everyday. At the beginning of 2020, co-workers were really starting to notice the downfall of the company we were working for. The last 6 months I worked there, I had about 6-7 different supervisors and was transferred departments. Between the piling stress of not knowing when the doors would officially close, I left that job at the beginning of March 2020 to seek out a position in which I could use my new found education (unaware that COVID would break out within the next week, and leave half the country seeking a job). When I left, I was informed “if the job market did not pan out there would still be an opening in 3 months to go back”. Unfortunately by the end of March, that company had closed its doors for good. In these recent past few months, I have dug my feet into the ground and declared NO obstacle is going to stop this success train. NO matter how many times I catch life’s right hook, I will jump back up until the bell rings or the yodeling Lady sings.

We recently opened our store to the public about one month ago, with blood, sweat and tears. This is a dream come true for someone who is no longer able to play the game at 100%, to be involved with helping motivate others to be active and 100% themselves.

That little girls dream of being a pro-athlete may have dimmed, but the soul behind wanting to achieve greatness has never shined brighter.

When we advise of being “beyond excited to offer...” , it’s because there are no words to express how it feels to come from a place where success was only a dream, to turn that dream into a reality and help others’ dreams come true.

There are simply no words.

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