Frequently Asked Questions

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Q : When I click on the style of product I like, the box highlights red/orange and the photo does not change. What’s going on?

A: The particular style of product being selected is sold out. We are unable to configure the particular style of product without interfering with the product’s SKU and other information in whole. This is why you the photo will not change, while responding to being clicked on

Q: Where do your products ship from?

A: We having shipping and manufacturers in the US and outside of the country. Just as in ALL of Nike apparel is manufactured outside of the US, and Adidas is based out of Germany. We created partnerships that allow us to exercise our pieces of art on different products. The products in our store are made, shipped, and manufactured here in the US and across the sea, depending on the product itself.

Q: Where is your company based out of, where are these beautiful designs being created?

A: We are located and based out of the beautiful and sunny Jacksonville Beach, Florida.

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